Our mission is to inform and enable our clients to make the best choices to maximize compliance and measure performance.


Our philosophy is to serve clients respectfully and skillfully with integrity in a collaborative environment focused on each individual's unique circumstances.

Most importantly:

  • We believe peace of mind is achieved through education and empowerment, confidence, and trust.
  • We believe thriving relationships are based on respect and collaboration.
  • Ultimately, we believe that great things happen, progress is assured, and we can achieve our goals in the positive environment created by these attributes.


Kathy Mack started practicing yoga about twenty years ago and has enjoyed the physical, as well as meditative qualities of the practice of yoga ever since.  It is typical in a yoga class for the instructor to finish each class with hands pressed together in a prayer position with thumbs held close to the chest bowing and saying the word "Namaste."  Namaste is a respectful salutation which is translated as "I bow to the divine in you" or as Kathy's first yoga teacher used to say, "the light in me sees the light in you."  Kathy named her firm Namaste Accounting because of this experience and her belief that the best relationships come from a place of mutual respect.

What's in
a Name?


The logo for Namaste Accounting, LLC is a depiction of a cairn, which is a man-made pile of stones that is used as a guide to mark a trail where there may not be any other way to mark the trail (i.e., above tree line or in the desert).  A cairn is used as a logo for this firm because CPA professionals are guides for navigating the complexities of accounting rules and governmental regulations (and because Kathy loves to hike and backpack).

What's in
a Logo?


Kathy Mack, CPA

Owner & Founder
Kathy Mack decided to go back to school to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) when her daughter started college in 2002.  Kathy attended college part-time while she raised her children and worked as a self-employed medical transcriptionist.  Kathy finished the CPA exams and went to work in public accounting in 2007 and in 2009 received her CPA license from the State of Maryland.  Kathy has worked in public accounting since 2007, first in Carroll County and more recently in Anne Arundel County.  Kathy found public accounting work to be exciting, interesting, and challenging as she moved from a very small CPA firm in Westminster to larger firms in Annapolis.  Kathy is detail oriented, analytical, thinks on her feet, and listens carefully to people.  Kathy has a wonderful, supportive family that includes her husband, her mother, three children and their amazing partners, three grandchildren (so far), one dog named Lilo, and four grand-dogs.  Kathy and her husband, Ken, make their home in Annapolis now where they are working on embracing some new water sports; Kathy is learning to row crew (thank you Annapolis Rowing Club) and Ken is fishing and kayaking the South River and connecting creeks. As Kathy continues to integrate into the community and grow her business, she hopes to be of service to you or someone you know.

Thank you for spending some time on the Namaste Accounting, LLC website and we look forward to hearing from you.