Allow Us to be Your Guide

Namaste Accounting, LLC will meet you where you are and guide you through the maze of regulations as they apply to your current life or business stage.  For our individual clients, we can assist with tax planning and tax compliance to optimize your resources and to help you prepare for whatever life brings your way.  For our business clients, we can work with you from formation of your company to succession planning, always on the lookout for opportunities or risks that could affect you.



Namaste Accounting, LLC works with individuals, businesses, and attorneys to facilitate tax compliance and optimize tax planning opportunities.  In addition, Namaste Accounting, LLC will assist in evaluating the various tax treatment options available for taxable transactions.


Namaste Accounting, LLC provides bookkeeping services and support to ensure that you receive all of the information you need from your accounting records in order to make the best decisions for your business.  Namaste Accounting, LLC processes payroll and related payroll tax filings.


Namaste Accounting, LLC offers consulting services including but not limited to new business formation and entity type selection, setting up accounting records, advising on cash flow, budgeting, trend analysis, and internal controls, as well as fixed asset management.


Namaste Accounting, LLC will quote a price for standard accounting and tax services based on a discussion of the scope of the work.  Services with variable time requirements will be billed base on hourly fees that will be discussed in advance.  Whenever possible, a written estimate of the expected fees, along with the scope of the work will be provided prior to beginning work on the project.